AMO Order Meaning

The full form of AMO is ‘After Market Order’. It’s used to place buy or sell orders after the market closes.

‘After Market Orders’ are convenient for people who are working or cannot access the internet during market hours (9AM to 3:30PM).

Buy or Sell AMO orders can be placed anytime after 3:45PM (evening) to 8:59AM (morning) on the next day. That means, you can place your order at mid-night or even early morning 6AM if you wish.

AMO Order on Zerodha

To place an AMO Order on Zerodha – Select the stock you want to Buy or Sell.

If you are using Zerodha from Desktop or Laptop browser, click ‘More Options’ and then select ‘AMO’. The screen should look like the image below.

AMO Order Meaning 1
Selecting AMO Order in Zerodha (Desktop Browser)

For Mobile Users, the ‘AMO’ option will be visible on the order screen itself. It’ll be listed under ‘Variety’. Just click ‘AMO’ and place your order.

Note: If you place any AMO order between 9:15 AM to 3:45 PM, they will be rejected. AMO is allowed only between 3:45 PM – 8:59 AM.

If you have any questions related to AMO, kindly ask in the comments section below.

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