The idea behind starting ‘Learn Stock Market’ is to give new investors a platform to learn the basics of stock market investing. The language used here will be simple and articles will be easy to understand even for those who know nothing about the market.

If you are willing to invest time into learning, this is the website to stay connected with.

On ‘Learn Stock Market’, we hope to write articles on mistakes that beginners make – with guides on how to avoid those early loss-making investments.

Human psychology, a topic that we will be covering in great detail, plays a very important role in the stock market. The way we think and react to ups and down of a stock, drive short-term price movements.

Controlling your greed when the market is going up (bull run) and understanding your fears during crashes (bear market) will not only make you a better investor, but make sure that you stay in the market for a very long time.

Our goal is also to encourage the younger generation to start their investing journey early, because with age on your side, compounding will come into effect early in your life.

Stay with us, we promise to make your stock market journey exciting, simple and we hope to turn you into a passionate investor.


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