Game Of Dice in Mahabharat and Stock Market lessons

Continuing the popular ‘Mahabharat and the Stock Market’ series, we move on the next story.

The Game of Dice

It is arguably the most significant event in the epic.

The ‘Game of Dice’ takes place when Duryodhana invites Yudhishthira to play a game that was popular among the royals in those days.

Yudhishthira liked playing the game, but he wasn’t good at it.

Back then, a Kshatriya king could never say no to two things – a duel on the battlefield and a game of dice.

Yudhishthira accepted the offer, but did the mistake of not informing Krishna.

Just before the game was about to begin in the royal hall, Duryodhana informed Yudhishthira that his uncle Shakuni would play on his behalf.

Shakuni, who was the mastermind behind the plan to trap the Pandavas, had practiced the ‘Game of Dice’ throughout his life. He was a skilled player.

The game was predictable. Yudhishthira could not compete against Shakuni.

He lost his wealth, his kingdom, his brothers and finally his wife Draupadi.

Draupadi was humiliated. An attempt to disrobe her was made and it was Shri Krishna who saved her.

Duryodhana’s mother Gandhari stepped in and asked King Dhritarashtra to return everything that the Pandavas had lost. He did so.

A furious Duryodhana invited Yudhishthira once again for another game of dice. This time whoever lost, would have to spend 12 years in the forest.

Dharma Raj Yudhishthir once again accepted the offer.

The result was once again as expected – Yudhishthira lost. He along with his four brothers, wife and mother spent 12 years in the forest and 1 year without them being identified.

Stock Market Lessons

The ‘Game Of Dice’ is also called as ‘Jua’ in Hindi – which means gambling.

The stock market too is considered to be a place for gamblers.

However, the reality is different.

It’s a gamble when a person does not know what he is doing – but takes a risk to try his luck.

Shakuni wasn’t gambling, he was playing a game which he had practiced throughout his life and mastered.

He was playing against an opponent who liked to play, even though he did not know how to play.

Yudhishthira was warned by his well-wishers that he cannot win against Shakuni. Yet, he decided to try his luck.

This is what investors who are new to the stock market also do. They enter the market thinking they can earn quick money.

But most do not realize the strength of the opponent – the stock market is the Shakuni here. It is a place where new investors are trying to make money against far more experienced investors and traders.

What are the chances of a new investor winning the game? Think about it.

Like Yudhishthira kept betting his wealth, brothers and wife – hoping he would atleast win one game, inexperienced investors in the stock market also keep trying their luck – hoping their luck will turn and some money will be made.

The next trade is taken to cover the previous loss. But that never happens and most give up after they’ve lost it all.

Without knowing the rules of the game, you cannot win in the stock market.

Without learning technical analysis and understanding the psychology of the market, you cannot become a skilled trader.

And without learning fundamental analysis and understanding the vision of the company – you cannot do long term investments.

Only when you invest enough time to learn to play the game, and then put in hours to practice and improve your skills – can you hope to win.

Whether it’s stock market, a business, a sport that you want to excel in or even physical fitness – learning, practicing and persevering is the key to success.

Success or Wealth does not come easily. You need to work hard enough to become a master, everything else will follow!

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