Avoid watching business channels during market hours

A quick tip for investors: Avoid watching business channels during market hours. There is way too much noise. Instead, watch after the market closes, that’s when the real analysis happens.

If you think spending hours watching business channels – looking for quick tips on stocks to buy and sell – then be rest assured that you’ll gain very little by watching channels.

Most analysts will tell you to buy stocks that are going up and sell those that are going down. This leads to confusion. Impulse buying or selling usually turn out to be wrong trading or investment decisions.

If you want to learn, reading a book would be far better. Websites these days provide quality information.

If you want to know which stocks to invest, either do your own research or take help from a financial advisor.

But if you must watch news channels, wait till the market closes at 3:30PM. That’s when you learn more about the businesses you own. Most financial results are also declared after market hours. These results will be discussed and analysed.

In short, there’s less frenzy after the market closes. Anchors and analysts are more relaxed. Buy and sell calls are few and far in between. That leaves room for quality information and maybe even a few words of wisdom!

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