Earth’s smile: Life and Stock market lessons

In the stock market and in life, we constantly worry about a lot of things.

What’s going to happen to the economy?

Will my stock market investments go down further?

Will the Corona-virus kill us all?

Will this recession turn into a great depression, wiping out the hopes and dreams of an entire generation?

So many questions without any answers – because most of it is beyond our control.

But the picture below – should give a lot of clarity:

Earth From Saturn - Earth's Smile
This is how the Earth looks from Saturn

When viewed from Saturn, the Earth is just a small insignificant dot in the cosmos.

On Earth itself, we are one species among millions and an individual is one human among 7 billion others.

Why then do we spend so much time worrying about things that are beyond our control?

Most of what we worry about, does not happen.

And things that we haven’t even imagined – happens suddenly without any prior warning.

Just 5 months ago, no one would’ve thought the world economy would come to a halt. That businesses across the world would be shut.

That all of us would be wearing masks. That we wouldn’t be able to go out – even if we want to.

Life is all about expecting the unexpected – and enjoying the surprises that life keeps giving.

The stock market is also the same. Some investments will go right, some will go wrong. If you want to experience the highs of the bull market, you’ve got to also experience the extreme pain that the bears can inflict.

If you love the stock market and enjoy the ups, downs and surprises that come with it – stay invested and learn to worry less.

Because no matter how much money you make or lose – you are going to leave it all behind on this small dot called Earth.

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