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Top 5 Best Stock Market Research Websites in India

The goal of this website is to add value to every article we publish. This article on ‘Top 5 Best Stock Market Research Websites’ will not only be a list of top stock research websites, but you will also learn about the best features that those websites provide.

Make sure you read this article till the end.

For a person with little or no knowledge about stock market – the internet can be a confusing place. There are so many websites and so much going on that – keeping things simple is of utmost importance.

Simplicity will eventually lead to clarity.

Let’s get straight to the point.

NoWebsiteUseful for
1.Moneycontrol.comNews, Articles, Watchlist, Portfolio and more.
2.Economictimes.comNews and Articles.
3.Screener.inFundamental Analysis, finding companies to invest.
4.NSE India or BSE IndiaAccurate Information, Annual Reports.
5.Zerodha KiteTechnical Analysis, Charts.
Best Stock Market Research Websites in India
Top 5 Best Stock Market Research Websites in India

These are the websites, which I personally use, along with a few more. But the above sites are good enough for beginners who want to begin learning on their own and researching the stock market.

It covers everything from news, articles, research reports, watchlist and screeners. It’s also good enough for basic technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

In today’s world of excess information, it’s important to focus on learning and ignore the noise. There will be a lot of people, saying a lot of things – this will confuse you and make you take hasty decisions – which you will eventually regret.

Let’s learn more about the websites mentioned above.

Best Stock Market Research Websites


It’s arguably the most complete website for Indian stock market research. It covers news and articles – some of which are worth reading, most of them are not. These days they are covering entertainment and political articles too – ignore these.

Stick to news related to your companies and general stock market related updates. If you do not understand a term mentioned on the website, chances are, the term has already been covered on our website in the ‘stock market terms‘ section.

We’ve tried to explain each term in simple and easy to understand way – read and learn.

Ignore complicated terms, you do not need to know everything.

Remember, the whole point of reading the articles is to grasp the basics – after which, most of what is covered on business news and websites will be of very little importance to you.

Moneycontrol is also great to create a watch-list – i.e a list of stocks which you want to track. You can also use the ‘Portfolio’ feature to add all the stocks, mutual funds and other investments. The site will consolidate all the information and give you an overview – which you can easily track.

One section to completely ignore is the ‘Forum’ section on Moneycontrol. This is where people, including frauds and idiots, get together to give random buy and sell calls. One person would be shouting ‘buy buy buy’ along with a huge target. In the very next comment, you will find another person saying ‘sell sell sell’ adding that the stock will crash.

The best time to read these forums is after you become an experienced trader or investor – you will enjoy the forum for its stupidity. However, if you think you can make money from buy or sell calls given on Moneycontrol forum, then forget about it.

Not only will you not make money, you will lose money.

Stick to the good things on Moneycontrol, avoid the excesses.

2. Economic Times

This web site is great for quick news updates and their ’email newsletters’ are also good.

I’ve subscribed to a few newsletters from ‘Economic Times Retail’ (ETRetail) and ‘Economic Times Market’ (ET Market). They send emails in the morning, with headlines.

Looks something like this:

Economic Times Stock Research Website

On Sunday, you’ll get the list of ‘Most Read News of the Week’.

This will cover most of the general business-related news you need – because after all stock market is nothing but a market place to buy and sell businesses.

The Economic Times website also has live prices, charts, screeners, expert views, portfolio and a lot more. It’s a complete website, just like Moneycontrol.

Take your time to explore both websites and get comfortable with their user interface. The laptop or desktop PC website has more features than the mobile application.


Which company has the higher dividend yield?

What about companies with highest debt to equity ratio?

Want the list of debt free companies?

Or even the list of stocks with highest market cap or price to earning ratio (PE).

All you need is one formula. The website will screen its entire database and give you results.

What makes ‘’ better than other websites? Well, the most important thing – the numbers are accurate.

There are several websites which have either copied ‘’ or tried to better it – but they are either not quickly updated or they have inaccurate numbers.

‘’ is also a website that loads very quickly and has a very simple user-friendly interface.

It has other useful features too – like ready-made screeners, customised import to Excel etc.

Screener Stock Research Website

In the Query box, just type ‘Market Capitalization > 500’ and you will instantly get the list of all stocks which have ‘Market Cap’ of more than 500 crore.

If you type the following formula, you will get the list of companies that have market cap of more than 500 and less than 2000:

Market Capitalization > 500 AND
Market Capitalization < 2000

Similarly, you can create your own custom formula and within seconds get the list of companies you need. We will soon create an in-depth guide for

For now, visit the website, explore it. Try typing a few simple formulas. It’s very easy to learn.

4. or

These are the official websites of National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). It has all the information you need – and the data is accurate.

The websites are great to follow the company you have already invested in. For example, to get the latest corporate announcements. If there is any announcement, the company will notify the stock exchange first – which will then be posted on the website.

These exchange websites will be the first to release quarterly results and annual reports. has a simpler user interface. To get the annual report of any company, visit the website – then search for any company, for example Reliance Industries.

Check out the left blue colour sidebar. It has quick access to important information:

  • Corp Announcements: Will have all the latest announcements the company has made to the exchange.
  • Financials: Under this there will be ‘Results’ and ‘Annual Reports’.
  • Corp Actions: Has information on dividends, rights issue, bonus and split issue etc.
  • Shareholding Pattern: Details on who owns the shares of the company.
  • Bulk / Block Deals.

The above information is also available on websites like Moneycontrol, Economic Times and some of it on too.

5. Zerodha Kite

And finally, an account with a stock broker can give you access to a lot of things other than a Demat and Trading account.

Since I personally use Zerodha and like their service and user interface – Zerodha will be taken as an example. You can also use Upstox, ICICI Direct or any other broker.

Highly recommend you stick to the Top 5 when it comes to brokers. For your information, Zerodha is No 1, followed by ICICI Direct, Upstox, Angel Broking and HDFC Securities.

After opening the account, login to Kite.

Here, the charts and tools that are available – allow you to do technical analysis.

Zerodha Kite also provides news updates, research reports etc.

This is all you would need to start your stock market research in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best site to research stocks?

In India, the best and most popular sites are as follows:

  1. Moneycontrol – Most popular and arguably the best.
  2. Economic Times – Quick news updates.
  3. Screener – The best website to narrow down and choose the best stocks.
  4. NSE India – Official website of the National Stock Exchange. Accurate information.
  5. Zerodha Kite – Analyse charts, technical analysis and also buy and sell shares.

What are the other websites that you like?

How much time do I need to learn about stock market?

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